The Wine and Brandy Industry Learner Management System

30 May 2017

In 2016 the wine & brandy industry commissioned a project to create a learner management system (LMS) 1 to benefit all stakeholders involved in or employed by the industry. The project takes its directive from the wine industry strategic exercise (WISE) 2 and is part of the implementation of the greater learning and development strategy being driven through the new Learning and Development desk at Wine Industry Network for Expertise and Technology (WINETECH) 3.

The vision of the project is to further develop an industry built on the capabilities of its people. Industry employees are trained annually but till now the industry has not been able to maximise on the return on investment partly because;

  • training done is currently not captured on a central system therefore the full picture of training being done in the industry is unknown
  • some learners trained do not have proof of their own training, qualifications and employment
  • Best practice training service providers are unable to advertise their services to producers!
  • There is no platform/forum available for Producers to report training gaps needed by their employees and businesses
  • Industry bodies South African Liquor Brands Association (SALBA)4 , WINETECH are unable to accurately report, guide and leverage on the training that is currently being done by their members

The project commenced in May 2016 with several stakeholder engagement meetings with backend development commencing in September 2016. The industry will be launching the system in June 2017 and all interested stakeholders can visit the website at or alternatively contact for more information.

The wine and brandy industry is seeking to be an employer of choice for talented individuals by retaining and growing talent, attracting the best training service providers and creating opportunities for individuals to further develop themselves all in a collective effort to drive profitability, global competitiveness and sustainability.


1. Learner Management System (LMS) – is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking reporting and delivery of education.
2. Wine industry strategic exercise (WISE) - The South African wine and brandy industry developed the need for a comprehensive, industry-wide strategic exercise that will help it to reach a desirable future state by 2025. This entails a robust and adaptable approach to drive profitability, global competitiveness and sustainability.
3. Wine Industry Network for Expertise and Technology (WINETECH) -
4. South African Liquor Brands Association (SALBA) -
5. Winetech -